Yes!   The quote  above is what TV Icon Johnny Carson said about Jonathan Neal, and it remains true today!    But that statement suggests two follow up questions:

1Who is Jonathan Neal...and what makes him 'great'?

Jonathan Neal is a magician or illusionist (he uses the terms interchangeably) with a unique approach: Taking ideas from the past and making them fresh today!  How?  By mixing magic with equal parts of choreography and music. Then, adding in over 30 years of professional experience onstage, a great sense of humor, and you have an exciting and memorable show!

He and his partner Liane, have also been twice voted STAGE MAGICIANS OF THE YEAR by Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle, and he has long been recognized by his peers for his simple and elegant style. It's amazing just how much entertainment Jonathan can create from the simplest of props... when you have a style and personality that connects with ALL audiences!

2 If he's really 'great"... how is that we haven't heard of him?

Well, despite many significant TV appearances ( including multiple appearances on the Tonight Show), for most of his career he and his partner Liane have toured Theatres, Casinos, and Nightclubs.  It makes for a very comfortable living... but doesn't result in 'high visibility'.  The same is true for working both cruise ships and corporate events, which Jonathan and Liane have done in abundance.  Fortunately, in the internet age, getting the word out, is just a click away... so we are glad you are here!

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